VirtualGeo Studio

  • A brand new GUI designed in accordance with the "black is beautiful" trend, completely revamped to be more user-friendly, resulting in fewer menus and a more convenient toolbar

  • A new project wizard guides you when you launch the application to create or open your project in just a couple of steps
  • New editors now enable you to intuitively configure and customize your data

  • A library of default images and models is now available to easily customize your data, and you can extend it with your own images and models to enrich the look-and-feel of your project

  • A catalog of pre-configured layers now provides you with ready-to-use background maps

  • A new editable feature layer allows you to create, edit the geometry and customize the appearance of vector data

VirtualGeo Web

  • Better OS and browser support
    • IE >= 8, Firefox >= 3.6, Safari >= 5, Opera >= 11 and Chrome >= 7
    • Windows XP, Vista, and 7 fully tested and supported
    • Automatic graphic settings according to available graphics card
  • Improved developer experience
    • Many new tutorials allow to start quickly developing a new page
    • Writing code has never been quicker and easier thanks to new  JavaScript API
    • More controls on the Web plugin thanks to an enriched API (mouse events, add layer,etc...)
  • New developer tools : a sandbox for interactive code editing in your browser !
    • Allow to directly edit the code in a browser and see the result interactively 

  • Improved interoperability with external spatial data infrastructure

VirtualGeo SDK

  • A new 3D Analysis module for to real-time and raytracing-based intervisibility.

  • A new Video On Terrain module for projection of  static image, video, decoded video stream onto terrain.

  • Improvement on terrain annotation : rectangle, ellipse and better on-terrain management

  • On the fly reprojection on raster and elevation image
  • New supported formats :
    • ECW file format for fast display of image file
    • SVG for icon and screen overlay, with support to access the elements inside the SVG
  • And many more bug fixes, small improvements, etc... See the user manual for more details !