3D geospatial data display on a AR Headset

In the framework of the new European project ALADDIN, starting officially on September 1st, 2017, DIGINEXT will bring its VirtualGeo technology to develop an innovative platform for drone detection, identification and neutralization, which will take for the first time Augmented Reality devicesusage in an operational monitoring context.

This platform is intended to include multiple sensors for short and long range detection on one hand, and neutralization effectors on the other hand, which will all provide a steady stream of heterogeneous data. The C2 (Command and Control) capability of the platform and its 2D/3D display, based on VirtualGeo SDK, is then crucial for operational support, accurate and responsive localisation of threat, and efficient neutralization.

In order to go beyond the screens, speed up visual contact during operation and improve training, VirtualGeo will also be employed to develop a specific display for Augmented Reality (AR) devices. This innovative solution will allow the user to superimpose 3D geospatial data to its immediate surroundings, to provide immersive situation awareness, make up for lack of visibility, or simulate life-size scenarios.

Among the partners for this European project are CS (France), CERTH (Greece), and law enforcement agencies from United Kingdom, Spain, France, Italy, Portugal and Greece.

Drone detection

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