Load, assemble, visualize

VirtualGeo™ is designed to create and interactively visualize massive 3D geographic environments by indexing, assembling and optimizing all the relevant sources of available data. 

With the benefits of maintaining their integrity, the input layers are kept in their native format, or directly accessed from servers. Thanks to high-end 3D multi-scale techniques, data appearance can be tuned using rules without any time consuming conversion operations. User is allowed to navigate continuously from the entire globe to building interiors.

Key Features

Based on Vertigo3, DIGINEXT’s cutting-edge 3D engine brought from the aerospace and military simulation world, VirtualGeo benefits from the latest advances in the fields of Virtual Reality and 3D Geospatial Information, thus enabling an unprecedented level of performance, with the highest visual quality, on standard PCs equiped with an OpenGL graphics board.

  • Multiplateform Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix
  • Multiple Datasets
  • 3D Building models
  • GPS Integration
  • Distance Measure
  • Street map overlay
  • World Coverage
  • Extensibilty