Why VirtualGeo ?

  • Complete software suite to fuse, visualize and analyze 2D & 3D geospatial information.
  • Connect to all kind of static and moving data: imagery, maps, elevation, 3D models, crowd-sourced data, weather data...
  • Explore massive 4D geospatial datasets, up to terabytes of data, from planet to local area including building interiors and undergrounds
  • Enhance situational awareness using powerful querying capabilities and smart drawing tools.
  • Enjoy a faster development process of your geospatial applications thanks to a comprehensive "out of the box" set of field-proven components


VirtualGeo is a professional system specifically designed for the most critical and demanding applications. It has been adopted by numerous prestigious users for a wide range of applications, such as:
  • Mission planning
  • Command & control system
  • Battle management system
  • Emergency response operations
  • Surveillance system
  • Critical infrastructure protection
  • Impact assessment
  • Urban project communication