For the 8.0 coming soon, VirtualGeo now supports officially the OGC CDB standard which allows high level of realism of a 3D environment, mainly used in the military simulation domain.

The CDB standard defines an open format for the storage, access and modification of a synthetic environment database. A CDB synthetic environment is a representation of the natural environment including external features such as man-made structures and systems. A CDB data store can include terrain relief, terrain imagery, three-dimensional (3D) models of natural and man-made cultural features, 3D models of dynamic vehicles, the ocean surface, and the ocean bottom, including features (bothnatural and man-made) on the ocean floor. In addition, the data store can includes the specific attributes of the synthetic environment data as well as their relationships.

Related to CDB support, OpenFlight import has been greatly improved both in terms of support and in terms of performance

More information on this format and on new features associated to CDB format will come before the 8.0 release!