Diginext accompanies your company from A to Z along your integration process, placing its experts skills in Simulation and Virtual Reality at your service for Support, Training, and Development.

VirtualGeo Services

Our expertise and experience at your service

DIGINEXT's expertise in cutting-edge innovative products and systems for critical applications makes it your partner of choice in major economic sectors such as Defense & Security, Aerospace, Transportation, Energy and Industry

With 30 years experience in Geographic Information and Real-time 3D technologies, DIGINEXT can offer a unique multi-disciplinary expertise to support its customers in all their project phases, from specification, design to integration or critical systems maintenance.

VirtualGeo IT Development

Consulting & Support

Diginext has developed in-house software and hardware technology and training programs to ensure our specialists are equipped with the right tools to get the job done successfully. The complete and in-depth mastering of these products makes it possible to:

  • customise VirtualGeo for your specific needs,
  • seamlessly integrate it in your specific environment,
  • implement dedicated functionalities and interoperability capabilities,
  • customise a specific user-interface to match particular working-methods and enhance the usability,
  • apply domain-specific certification and quality control

VirtualGeo Technical support


DIGINEXT proposes a dedicated and advanced support to VirtualGeo customers. This support service is available upon purchase of maintenance contracts and give your access to the following services:

  • Online assistance
  • Product upgrades
  • Product updates
  • Patches

VirtualGeo Training


DIGINEXT provides training sessions to customers in order to understand and master Simulation, Virtual Reality, 3D cartography and Geographic Information systems:

  • Regular Introduction Courses through the year (2 days)
  • Personalized Project Training

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