Technology partners

Several product editors have entered into OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) contracts, that enable them with highest flexibility to embed VirtualGeo components into the products they develop and sell. Depending on the agreement, VirtualGeo may be embedded as a white label or as publicly disclosed component.


Founded in 1990, GEOCONCEPT Group is a company specializing in the design and implementation of cartographic optimization technologies for professional use that now ranks among the main provider for corporations and public organizations. By combining geographical information with optimization tools, the GEOCONCEPT Group invented "geo-optimization"; optimizing activities by intelligently integrating geographical information with systems. GEOCONCEPT integrates VIRTUALGEO technology deeply in its flagship product to enable users to visualise and analyse the manipulated maps in three-dimensions.
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Geographical data partners

Added value solution are also offered working with:


VIRTUALGEO provides the technology behind the 3D browser of the Geoportail (the French national provider of reference geographic information).Géoportail is a comprehensive web mapping service of the French government that publishes maps and geophysical aerial photographs from more than 90 sources for France and its territories. The service, first developed by two public agencies (the IGN and the BRGM), was officially inaugurated on June 23, 2006. All maps and aerial photographs at Geoportail may be combined and viewed in transparent layers controlled by the user. The highest resolution of aerial photography, in general, is higher than what is available at Google Maps. Place names are identified and searchable for smallest villages and physical locations, beyond what is found on similar sites. Since its inception in June 2006, the French service has progressively added new data and has undergone significant updates. The latest major upgrade became available in summer 2012 with the 3D view available thanks to VIRTUALGEO SDK and Web modules.
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IGN Geoportal

We also work with:


Aerodata International Surveys is an airborne surveying and mapping company, committed with airborne spatial data acquisition of the earth's surface and its advanced processing into value added geo-information products.


Blom is a European service provider within acquisition, processing and modelling of geographical information. Blom maintains European databases with collections of map, images and models. Blom also provides GIS services and online map services.


Imao is a French company specialised in worldwide aerial data acquisition. The company provides its customers with quality georeferenced data (vertical or oblique photography, LIDAR and 3D models) captured all around the globe.

Planet Observer

PlanetObserver offers a full range of value-added geospatial products: global imagery mosaics in natural colors with a unique visual quality, global and accurate Digital Elevation Models, and aerial photography of France and any places in the world.