For the next version of our #VirtualGeo software suite coming out in May 2023, we are pleased to announce the first official release of the Unreal Engine plugin ! With this plugin, users can easily import, visualise and analyse any #3d #geospatialdata to create real-time and accurate game-standard graphic rendering for simulations.

Given that VirtualGeo supports many standard geospatial data formats and protocols such as OGC CDB, OGC 3D Tiles, OpenFlight and streaming protocols (WMS, WMTS, WFS), these can be easily imported into Unreal and displayed in real time. No need for complex setups, no pre-processing constraints... and the level of performance is simply unprecedented! The terrain built with VirtualGeo supports complex lighting and physics, it is completely integrated into Unreal Engine to construct advanced simulations.

Please note this first release is fully compatible with the latest version of Unreal Engine (v 5.1) to fully support world-wide rendering based on the Large World Coordinates (LWC) in Unreal Engine 5. Compatibility with the 4.27 version is also available on demand.

Check out this video, which demonstrates the VirtualGeo Unreal plugin.